Verification and Validation of Automated Systems’ Safety and Security
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VALU3S - A summary of the first quarter, 2022
The VALU3S project is now reaching the end of its second year, and we are currently working hard to finalize nine deliverables to be submitted by the end of April. With a year left to finalize the project activities, we are excited to continue our journey to improve verification and validation (V&V) processes as part of our effort to address the project objectives.

Although the consortium has not yet had the chance to meet in real life (IRL), similar to the first year of the project, we maintained a high frequency of online consortium meetings, which helped us to a great extent to mitigate the negative impact introduced due to lack of face-to-face meetings. With the COVID-19 related restrictions being lifted in many countries, we are excited to meet IRL already on 17-18 of May in San Sebastian as well as on 28-30 of June in Gothenburg. We are also very excited to meet the project’s external advisory board members, the project officer as well as the review experts, all of whose feedback have so far greatly supported us in our journey.

The main focus of the project in the first quarter of 2022 has been on implementation of technologies (V&V methods and tools) that contribute to addressing the project objectives. In the last online consortium meeting we held in February, we dedicated a day to demonstrations and presentation of V&V tools developed and improved within the project. The tool demonstration session is planned to be extended to also include presentation of the V&V methods developed and enhanced as well as a presentation of the status of the project demonstrators. This session will be an important part of the IRL meetings in May and June, providing the project partners and reviewers the chance to see the progress made in improving V&V processes. The consortium will also strive to have a public demonstration session before the end of 2022 to also disseminate the results to individuals and organisations outside the project consortium. The event will be held in connection with the public launch of the web-based repository that is being continuously designed and populated by the project partners.

The main focus of the activities within the final year of the project is the build-up of the project demonstrators that aim to show the improvements obtained (e.g., in time and cost) when it comes to the application of the technologies developed to the project use cases. We plan to also continue our active involvement in dissemination and communication of the project results through keeping our social media channels up-to-date, participations in conferences, workshops, summer schools, and fairs that result in publication of a set of scientific articles as well as organization of multiple training sessions, such as those targeting standards relevant to the project. The large set of standardisation training sessions we have organized in the past few months will also help us in our continuous attempt to influence development of relevant standards.

I would like to end my statement by thanking all the project partners for all the effort spent to this point in the project. Special thanks to you, readers of the newsletter for supporting us on the journey and showing interest in the project and following-up on its activities and results. I hope that you find the newsletter informative and useful; stay tuned for more project-related news!

Behrooz Sangchoolie
Coordinator of the VALU3S project and researcher in the Department of Electrification and Reliability at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
VALU3S Blog article
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Verification, Validation, Security, Privacy and Safety! Sister terms all meet under the umbrella concept: Trusted Digital Twin of cyber-physical systems

“Nearly in all conferences, fairs or technology events, everybody is talking about the same topics: cyber-physical systems, digital twins, trusted digital systems, AI-enabled smart cyber-physical systems, and automated solutions. Nearly all stakeholders agree that these new generation technologies should be monitorable, verifiable, safe, secure and privacy-aware. This is where the keyword ‘trustworthiness’ comes to the ground”

These are the words of Prof. Salih Ergün, CTO of ERARGE. Read our latest blog article from the VALU3S Partner ERARGE.

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Threat Modelling and Risk Management with THREATGET

THREATGET, is an Enterprise architect plugin developed by AIT, which allows to model and visualize a security-focused representation of a system. It enables the integration of “security-by-design” for security critical infrastructures during the whole system lifecycle (i.e., Design, Development and, Maintenance). By specifying a digital twin of the real-world system in the form of an extended data-flow diagram, automated – rule-based threat analysis is conducted, and security threats can be detected at any stage of the system lifecycle.

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VALU3S Workshops - Spring 2022
19321 Business Plan Development Workshop
VALU3S Business Plan Development Workshop, 2022

On March 10th the VALU3S consortium attended the Business Plan Development Workshop provided by Horizon Results Booster, an initiative created by the European Commission to support the dissemination, exploitation and development of business plans of European funded projects. This Workshop was given as part of the application made by VALU3S for Service 2, entitled as the workshop itself to improve its existing business plan.

During the interactive morning lecture, the consortium received tailor-made training and support with one of its key exploitable results, namely the web-based repository that is being developed and populated with cutting-edge V&V methods and tools. More precisely, emphasis was put on market analysis, business strategy, operations plans and competitor identification and analysis. To this end, the web-based repository was characterized, identifying its value with respect to current solutions on the market, potential stakeholders and analysing the most suitable go-to-market approach.
Overall, the workshop provided all attendees with a holistic view of the business plan, which they can later use in their individual exploitation.

If you found these sessions useful, stay tuned, more news will be coming soon!
Promotion and communication
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Participation of VALU3S in CPS&IoT’2022 summer school

The 3rd summer school on cyber-physical systems (CPS) and internet of things (IoT) will be organized in Budva, Montenegro on 7-10 of June 2022 in collaboration with IEEE, Euromicro and MANT (

VALU3S will be contributing to the summer school by giving a 90-minute tutorial on “How to design and tailer a perfect fitting verification and validation process for your CPS&IoT project?”.
The Summer School aims to be a lively discussion and collaboration forum for researchers, developers and decision-makers working in the field of CPS, IoT, and embedded systems (ES) through serving the following main purposes:
  • dissemination and discussion of project results from European projects in CPS, IoT and ES.
  • exchange of knowledge and collaboration among European projects in CPS, IoT and ES.
  • advanced training of industrial and academic researchers, developers, engineers, and decision-makers in CPS, IoT and ES.

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VALU3S is contributing to the organization of a workshop at HiPEAC 2022

The STEADINESS (System Engineering and Dependability in Cyber-Physical Systems) workshop is one of the three workshops that is planned to be organized in connection with the cyber-physical systems (CPS) segment at HiPEAC 2022 (

VALU3S has been contributing to the organisation of the workshop in the past months and look forward to participating in it.

The workshop accepts contributions from system level communities including system modelling, validation and verification and the product lifecycle. Product-side and market influencers, such as from product-lines and policy making are also invited to participate.decision-makers in CPS, IoT and ES.
Upcoming internal events

May 17-18
Consortium meeting and general assembly

June 28-30
Year two review meeting
Upcoming external events

May 17-20
16th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS 2022)

May 26-28
Busworld Turkey

June 6-10
World Congress on Railway Research 2022
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