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News International #3 2021
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International cooperation for sustainable lightweight

LIGHTer's operations in Sweden are in full swing. At the same time, we are opening more and more windows for Swedish players to the world around us. We are planning for LIGHTer International Conference on 6-7 April 2022, we have been invited to host the third meeting of the European Lightweighting Network and we present the 17 Swedish Strategic Innovation Programmes in a digital conference on 27 October. Incredibly stimulating and enjoyable!

In parallel with our international initiatives, we are launching an ambitious external monitoring of the importance of lightweight technology for future challenges prior to updating our research agenda. We start with an interview with Anders Sjunnesson about hydrogen flying further down in the newsletter. Don’t miss it!

In our last call for research projects, we received 31 applications. Thank you! In November the approved applications are announced.
With the hope of an inspiring and rewarding autumn!

LIGHTer Management Team
Cecilia, Christian and Katinka

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Abstract submission for LIGHTer International Conference 2022
Every second year, LIGHTer invites to an international conference about the development of lightweight technologies.

In 2022, LIGHTer International Conference takes place on April 6-7 at Hotell 11 in Gothenburg. We welcome abstracts from all sectors related to our themes:
  • Lightweight in fossil-free transportations
  • Circular lightweight
  • Radical lightweight through multifunctional materials
  • Lightweight in infrastructure and energy
Please send your abstracts no later than November 26 to
Authors of accepted conference papers attend the conference free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you!
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SMART 5th Call for Project is open
From now until 24th of January you can send your Project Outlines.
SMART Technology Roadmap illustrates the technology areas and developments that are needed to take a big step in the competitiveness of European manufacturing industry and includes six main Research and Innovation Domains. Submitted proposals must cover any of these topics:
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Intelligent & Adaptive Manufacturing Systems
  • Person-Machine Collaboration
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Digital, Virtual & Efficient Companies
  • Customer-Based manufacturing
PO Proposers' Day will be held online on the 4th of November 2021
Read more about the call
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The third meeting of the European Lightweighting Network will take place in Sweden
On 23-24 September the second meeting of the European Lightweighting Network took place in Vienna. Many participants also joined the meeting online. From Sweden two speakers were part of the programme: Peter Åslund, Manager for Sustainable industry at Vinnova and Boel Wadman, Research & Business Developer and Focus Area Leader in Manufacturing at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Cecilia Ramberg, Director of LIGHTer participated physically. Representatives from 15 different European countries were part of the meeting.

Sweden was proud to accept the invitation to arrange the third meeting of the European Lightweighting Network.
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SWII Conference in Neuchâtel, Switzerland 
Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) is an industrial partnership, where Sweden and Switzerland as global innovation leaders and their most R&D intensive multinational enterprises, innovative SME:s and start ups and the best-in-class academia team up in the co-creation of new top notch industrial partnerships with co-funding available from EUREKA/Eurostars.

SWII is organising its next conference on additive manufacturing and lightweight tehnologies on 9 November in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
SME's can apply for a travel grant.
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Abstract submission for CHS 2-2022
CHS² 2022 - 8th International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High Performance Steel
Towards sustainable, versatile, reliable and efficient hot forming of high performance materials for emerging industrial challenges.

The interest in thermo-mechanical forming processes of high-performance steel, and high-performance materials in general, has grown significantly in the recent years. The automotive sector has been the main actor driving this development, pushed by the constant demands on passenger’s safety and environmental regulations. Press hardening of boron steels is now a mature technology, deployed all around the world. It showed to be unbeatable for forming complex shape parts and easy forming of high strength materials with reduced spring-back. It also allows producing parts with tailored properties under accurate process monitoring.

These benefits offer great flexibility and opens up possibilities to implement new materials in new industrial applications.

The lightweight demands that triggered the development of press hardening are still valid, but new industrial challenges are also emerging that requires sustainable, versatile, reliable and efficient forming processes.
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Strategic Innovation Webinar on 27 October 2021!
How can the Swedish Strategic Innovation programmes contribute internationally to societal challenges and how can strategic innovation programs in collaboration meet the global challenges? Join our webinar and listen to Key note speaker Peter Dröll, Director for Prosperity at the European Commission and other interesting speakers.
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Hydrogen-powered aviation: “No nobel prize discoveries needed”
The Swedish Energy Agency along with GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan and partners are investing a combined 24 million kronor to develop components for hydrogen-powered aircraft engines. We had a chat about the initiative with Anders Sjunnesson from GKN, who also serves on LIGHTer’s board of directors.
Read the full article here
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Calls for international projects
The Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, has an open call to help Swedish enterprises to apply for funding within Horizon Europe. Deadline for application: 18 October. Read more here.

SMART's 5th Call is open. Proposer's Day is on 4 November. Last Day to send Project Outline is 24 January. Read more

Horizon Europe is funding projects in many different areas. Read more on their website.

The Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) will announce a bilateral call shortly.Visit their webpage regularly for updates.

You can also look for open international calls within Eurostars. Read more on their website.
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Welcome to the next LIGHTer PhD Network Seminar!
This digital seminar is given by Dr Camille Pauzon (Chalmers University of Technology) and Dr Samuel Hammarberg (Luleå University of Technology).
Dr Camille Nicole Géraldine Pauzon will talk about “Introducing atmosphere purity control and helium-rich gases for the laser powder bed fusion process”.
Dr Samuel Hammarberg will talk about “A Study on Sandwich Structures: Development, Mechanical Characterization and Numerical Modeling”.

27 October 2021
Link to the semianr:
Password: 054245
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LIGHTer Academy Seminars

LIGHTer Academy is regularly organising seminars on different topics within lightweight research. The different researchers within the network take turns in hosting the event.
Here is a list of the hosting researcher as well as the upcoming dates:

Lars Nyborg: 4 November 2021
Dan Zenkert: 2 December 2021
Malin Åkermo: 13 January 2022
Read more about LIGHTer Academy
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640x640transp Sweden's capability to develop world-leading expertise within lightweight technology will be decisive for Swedish industries' competitiveness, growth and possibilities to reach the UN’s sustainable development goals. LIGHTer is creating essential collaborations within lightweight: cross-disciplinary, cross-industry sectors that are focused, innovative and efficient.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or opinions on the newsletter or its contents.

Funding for the programme is being provided by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.

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