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News International #2 2021
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We are looking forward to international events

We are crossing our fingers for the world to open up in the fall. Together with our international partners we plan several international meetings. The second meeting of the European Lightweighting Network will take place on 23-24 September in Vienna. We have an international conference on strategic innovation programmes in Stockholm on 27 October. A group of Swedish companies and researches within lightweight technology will visit both selected Swiss companies and the SWII Conference 8-10 November. We welcome the world to LIGHTer International Conference in Gothenburg in April 2022. It is a joy to hope for physical meetings and deepened collaboration. We need to join forces in order to move towards a more sustainable world faster.

We wish you a very nice summer!

LIGHTer Management Team
Cecilia, Christian and Katinka

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Read our annual report
Our annual report for 2020 is now available in English! Read about our projects and other activities during 2020 on our website.
16098 Large call
We welcome international project consortia in LIGHTer's large call
Do you have a project idea? Do not hesitate to reach out to Swedish project partners and form a fruitful project consortium. Our large call for 2021 has a budget of 40 MSEK, and is open until 30 September. We welcome applications for feasability studies and development projects. We focus even more on sustainability in this year's call.
Swedish partners are able to receive funding, and non-Swedish partners are allowed to contribute with in-kind.
Please contact us if you have any questions!
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Bilateral innovation partnership agreement between Sweden and Switzerland 
As two of the world’s leading innovation countries, Switzerland and Sweden are committed to close and long-term cooperation. For this reason, Innosuisse and the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova signed an agreement on 14 June to strengthen the cooperation that has existed since 2013.
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LIGHTer is invited to the second European Lightweighting Network meeting in Vienna
We are invited to participate in the Second European Lightweighting Network Meeting in Vienna on 23-24 September. We are looking forward to join forces on a European level to develop sustainable lightweight technology in many industrial sectors. The Swedish Research and Innovation Lightweight Agenda is a good basis for discussions on deepened European cooperation.
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LIGHTer International Conference 2022
LIGHTer International Conference will take place in April 2022. The first LIGHTer International Conference took place in 2015. We are happy to welcome you to this inspiring networking possibility within lightweighting for both industry and research in many industrial sectors. We will send out our call for abstract in September, and welcome speakers from all over the globe.
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International SIP Conference 27 October 2021!
There are 17 Strategic Innovation Programmes (SIP) in Sweden, each focusing on a specific area for innovation. Each year, one or a few SIPs together organise a conference uniting all SIPs. This year, LIGHTer and Production2030 have taken the initiative to organise an international SIP Conference on 27 October in Stockholm that is open for all. We focus on presenting and discussing our capacities to meet international sustainability goals and future innovation strategies. It will be possible to join the conference digitally as well.
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16504 Cidetec 3R composites
CIDETEC is open to international collaborations
CIDETEC is a research centre in the north east of Spain with three institutes to provide solutions for industry in Energy Storage, Nanomedicine, and Surface Engineering. CIDETEC Surface Engineering Institute has a group whose main expertise is the development of novel chemistries for sustainable composites, including thermoset composite materials which can be easily repaired and recycled and even reprocessed (called 3R composites). This is something totally unprecedent in conventional thermoset composites. At the same time these promising materials retain the advantages of conventional thermosets.
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Welcome to "Composites and Sustainability", 29 June - 1 July 2021
This is the last call for the upcoming online forum "Composites and Sustainability", which will take place Tuesday, 29 June - Thursday, 1 July 2021. Already more than 80 participants from 15 countries have registered, so far.
The facts in a nutshell:
  • 3 days (2x2h each)
  • 5 keynotes
  • 25 presentations
  • Speakers from 10 countries, a mixture of industry and research
  • High-profile, international panel discussion followed by Q&A session
  • Direct interaction with speakers after the presentations (without time limit)
  • Extensive b2b matchmaking throughout the 3 days
  • Subsequent presentations as PDF for download
  • International field of participants
  • Event language: English
As a member of LIGHTer you receive a voucher code which entitles you to attend at a reduced rate. Please contact the LIGHTer Management team to recieve the discount code.
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How can ELCA support your lightweight innovations?
LIGHTer is an active member of ELCA (European Lightweight Cluster Alliance).

ELCA is a collaborative initiative that aims to accelerate the adoption of lightweight solutions in strategic industries.
Industries providing mobility in all forms are the primary focus of the alliance, but applications in, and cooperation with, other lightweighting sectors are also targeted; including for instance energy, health care, defence and construction.
We are looking forward to all the European cooperation that we will create through this network where new possibilities of future lightweight technologies can be shared, found and looked into.
If you are looking for European partners, please contact us and we will support you in finding collaboration partners, open calls and networking possibilities with the other cluster members.
Contact Christian Olsson to know more about LIGHTer and ELCA.

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Calls for international projects
The Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, has opened a call to help Swedish enterprises to apply for funding within Horizon Europe. Read more here.

Horizon Europe is funding projects in many different areas. Read more on their website.

Staff exchange for applied AI-research 2.0
In this call, you can apply for a grant for staff exchange between Sweden and France, Germany, Canada, US or Brazil, in order to increase the organization´s AI competence and initiate long-term cooperation. Please note that submitted applications are assessed on an ongoing basis during the announcement. The application deadline is 30 September.
Read more on Vinnova's website. 

SMART Eureka has an open call within AI. The call is open until 28 June. Read more here.

The Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) will announce a bilateral call shortly.Visit their webpage regularly for updates.

You can also look for open international calls within Eurostars. Read more on their website.
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News from LIGHTer PhD Network
On May 20, LIGHTer PhD network together with LIGHTer Academy held a workshop in Sustainability. Linnea Petersson from Volvo Cars gave an inspiring lecture on how to purposefully work with sustainability issues and informed that Sustainability and Safety are now valued equally! Sustainability expert Magdalena Juntikka from RISE instructed in LIGHTers sustainability tools and interesting group discussions about sustainable research in lightweight were appreciated by the participants! Sustainability is a theme we intend to highlight in our upcoming activities!
During the LIGHTer Summit, PhD network arranged its own session with invited researchers and industry lectures by GKN Aerospace. Do not miss the recordings if you want to take part in the presentation of the doctoral student network and lectures, they are available on LIGHTer's website!
This spring's doctoral seminars, open to everyone online, have offered interesting seminars from doctoral students, doctoral researchers and invited international researchers from China, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. So far, as many as 11 seminars have been completed and more are planned during the autumn! Keep an eye on LIGHTer News International and on the LIGHTer PhD Network's web.
During the autumn, we plan to carry out a new course round of the doctoral course in lightweight technologies with physical hits! We hope and believe that we will soon be able to visit Volvo Cars, SAAB, DIAB, GKN, Brogren Industries and Gestamp Hardtech again for appreciated industry seminars and on-site guidance.
Join us!
Recruitment of new doctoral students is ongoing. We currently have 15 new doctoral students in the network who will begin the general doctoral course in lightweight technologies this autumn. Information on how doctoral students apply can be found on the LIGHTer PhD Network's page under the tab "Enrollment".
We would like to draw attention to dissertations by doctoral students in the network:
Camille Pauzon, Chalmers defended her dissertation on March 25 in "Tailored process gases for laser powder bed fusion".
Johan Lindvall, LTU defended his dissertation on 26 May in "Modeling of laser-based powder bed fusion for bulk metallic glass formation".
Yong Wang, KTH defended his dissertation on June 3 in "Characterization of Impurities in Different Ferroalloys and Their Effects on the Inclusion Characteristics of Steels".
Sahar Akbarpour, KTH defended his dissertation on 11 June in "Enhanced Composite Joint Performance through Interlacement of Metal Inserts".
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Loose weight and save energy!
No, in spite of the heading this is not an ad on personal health. Weight reduction and reduced energy consumption has rather been the overarching themes in a series of public lunch seminars arranged by LIGHTer Academy during the spring. Each month, one of the university researchers in LIGHTer Academy has given a talk on their ongoing research activities, at each occasion accompanied by an invited guest presenter.
The talks have provided insights and updates on a range of topics related to lightweight technology and energy management and each session has inspired interesting and lively follow-up discussions.
The seminar series will now be paused during the summer and commence again in August. Hopefully, the pandemic situation will then permit the online seminars to be complemented by the presence of a live audience. An overview of the topics covered during the spring seminars is provided below and indicates the types of topics that can be expected also for the fall series of seminars. Hope to see you there!

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640x640transp Sweden's capability to develop world-leading expertise within lightweight technology will be decisive for Swedish industries' competitiveness, growth and possibilities to reach the UN’s sustainable development goals. LIGHTer is creating essential collaborations within lightweight: cross-disciplinary, cross-industry sectors that are focused, innovative and efficient.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or opinions on the newsletter or its contents.

Funding for the programme is being provided by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.

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