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Heat pumps in multi-family buildings

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The first issue of 2021 of the HPT Magazine focuses on the possibilities of heat pumps in multi-family buildings. In the topical articles you can read about drivers and barriers for heat pumps as well as the aspects of retrofit projects.

We know that the energy system of tomorrow cannot look like the ones today. Fossil fuels must be replaced by renewable energy sources and energy systems must transform. And in that transition, heat pumps are a crucial component both on individual and systematic level.

In this issue you also get the latest updates from our Annexes, together with an insight in the big and quite unique market for heat pumps in Finland. The significance of heat pumps has grown in several kinds of buildings and play an important role as a producer of renewable energy.
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Foreword: Heat pumps in multi-family buildings

Marek Miara introduces us on the subject of heat pumps in multi-family buildings.

In several countries, heat pumping technologies is the primary choice for heating and cooling in new houses. At least in Europe, and for single-family houses. Given their potential for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, it is positive if heat pumps would become common also in multi-family buildings in the growing cities around the globe. 
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Column: Diversification of heat-pump-related technologies

Kiyoshi Saito gives an insight in research on liquid desiccants in air conditioning systems.

Heat pumping technologies are not only useful for temperature control. They can also be used for control and regulation of indoors humidity. This creates a hybrid system with humidity control and air conditioning, which potentially has a very high performance.

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Strategic outlook: Heat pump market in Finland

Jussi Hirvonen about the success story behind the growing Finish heat pump market.

The heat pump market in Finland is thriving. Over one million units are installed, in a country with a population of 5.5 million. Leading in quantity are air-source heat pumps, with air-to-air being specifically large on the market. When it comes to Euros invested, and RES potential installed, ground-source heat pumps are in the lead.

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Topical article: Heat pumps in multi-family buildings, drivers and barriers
In Europe, the residential heat pump market has been steadily increasing for several years in most countries. However, the situation differ depending on the type of building. Heat pumps are the most widespread solution in new individual houses, while market for them in multi-family buildings (MFBs) remains low, in new buildings as well as in existing ones.

So, which are the possible drivers and main barriers and for a more widespread use of heat pumps in MFBs? The situation has been analyzed in the eight countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, UK) participating in HPT Annex 50 “Heat Pumps in Multi-Family Buildings”.
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Topical article: Heat pump retrofit projects for multifamily buildings – An obstacle run
The use of heat pumps in existing multi-family buildings (MFBs) represents an important underexploited potential to help decarbonize the building sector. However, challenges may arise. These could be legal, technical, administrative or financial.

Awareness considerations are reviewed here in a Swiss context, including specific examples that can help addressing the situation. Proposed solutions are presented, as are identified paths to improved adoption of heat pump solutions.
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