Webinar: Digitalisation and AI for energy-efficient and sustainable industry
03/05/2024 14:00 - 15:30

Welcome to the webinar: Digitalisation and AI for energy-efficient and sustainable industry

The webinar is part of the Swedish digitalisation consortium seminar series for national networking, in accordance with the Swedish Energy Agency’s international networking and collaboration in IETS TCP.

When: May 3rd, 14.00 - 15:30  
Teams meeting

Digitalisation and AI are important areas for achieving energy efficiency and decarbonisation in industry, and collaboration is the key to harmoniously reaching shared goals and creating the expected impact through the transition of various seemingly independent but factually interlinked systems.

On this account, the International Energy Agency (IEA) started the Industrial Energy-related Technologies and Systems (IETS) for international collaboration. Sweden's contributions to international networking are performed through the Swedish Digitalisation Consortium, initiated by the Swedish Energy Agency, and coordinated by the strategic innovation programme, PiiA. The consortium also serves as a national networking community that seeks to involve more actors active in applying digitalisation and AI for industrial energy efficiency and decarbonisation.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about the IEA-IETS TCP, the Swedish Energy Agency's intended impact, and the objectives and activities of the Swedish digitalisation consortium.

We will discuss:

  • The Swedish contributions to international collaboration
  • The need for further work and knowledge transfer
  • The importance of creating more networking in Sweden

Mehrzad Lavassani, SIP-PiiA, Coordinator for Swedish Digitalisation Consortium



14:05-14:20Introduction to IEA IETS-TCP

Ann-Britt Elenius, Forskninghandläggare i Hållbar Industri, Energimyndigheten, Johanna Mossberg, Chair of the IETS TCP, Energimyndigheten

14:20-14:35Digitalisation Consortium in IETS

Mehrzad Lavassani, Swedish Digitalisation Consortium lead, SIP–PiiA

14:35-14:50National collaboration and dissemination for IETS

Elin Svensson, Project manager, CIT Renergy 

Short break


Ann-Britt, Forskninghandläggare i Hållbar Industri, Energimyndigheten, Elin Svensson, Project Manager, CIT Renergy, Johanna Mossberg, Chair of the IETS TCP, Energimyndigheten, Malin Rosqvist, Programme Director, SIP-PiiA, Monica Axell, Manager IEA Heat Pump Centre, RISE, Sima Ajdari, IETS Task XXI co-Leader, RISE, Roger Nordman, Business Area Manager Industry, CIT Renergy, William Mackintosh, Senior Researcher and Project Leader, RISE

15:30Next step and closing

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03/05/2024 14:00 - 15:30
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