Welcome to a seminar on ship noise, with a focus on electrical and LNG ships
Lammholmsvägen 2, 475 31 Öckerö, Sverige | 07/11/2023 13:00

Welcome to a seminar on ship noise, with a focus on electrical and LNG ships!

When: Tuesday 7 November, 13:00-16:00 (11:30 to 17:30 including boat transport)
Where: Öckerö kompetenscentrum

Does electrical and LNG propulsion lead to quieter ships? 
For three years, the Silent@Sea project has investigated this through four different case studies on sister vessels with different propulsion. The ships included a small passenger ferry, RoPax ferries, road ferries and tankers.

We have made dedicated measurements in the ships’ normal operating routes, and simultaneously recorded onboard noise and vibrations, radiated airborne noise and radiated underwater noise. This unique data enabled us to understand how different sources contribute to noise characteristics.
The results show that using modern propulsion typically leads to a better working and passenger environment on board. Radiated noise reductions depend on the configuration and characteristics of other noise sources, and care is required in implementing the propulsion train.

We invite everyone interested in ship noise to attend the final seminar of the Silent@Sea project. The seminar will take place on the scenic island of Öckerö in the archipelago of Gothenburg. Öckerö is a marine industry competence centre and an ideal setting for this event.
The seminar is free to all participants and includes boat transport to and from central Gothenburg and lunch on the boat.

There is a limit of 85 participants on site. Please indicate if you would like to participate on site or via link.

Agenda for the day:

Boat departs from Stenpiren, in central Gothenburg (https://goo.gl/maps/ccdbxuSBsQS1HHSW8). Stenpiren is a 15 min walk or a short tram ride from the central station. Lunch is served on the boat.
The boat arrives at Öckerö.
The seminar starts with a welcome from Öckerö kommun and SMTF.
The Silent@Sea project and its case study approach and measurements
How is onboard noise affected by a shift to modern propulsion? How is the working environment and passenger comfort affected?
Capturing quiet: Electric propulsion is quieter but can shifting from diesel to LNG also affect airborne noise?
You don’t hear it, but it’s there: the underwater noise of ships with modern propulsion.
Coffee break.
Wrapping it all up: noise sources and how they contribute to the complete noise radiation of the ships
Conclusions and the way forward
 Panel discussion about the results of Silent@Sea, modern ship propulsion and ship noise reduction.
The seminar ends.
The boat leaves Öckerö.
The boat arrives at Stenpiren.

07/11/2023 13:00

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Öckerö kompetenscentrum
Lammholmsvägen 2, 475 31 Öckerö, Sverige

Registration to this event closed November 3 at 9.00. A link how to join online will be sent out on monday November 6. Please contact torbjorn.johansson@ivl.se if you have not received it.