AutoSec Final Conference 2023
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AutoSec Final Conference 2023

Wednesday, March 29th
09.30 - 15.30

 Address: KTH, Osquars Backe 5, second floor
+ Online (Teams)
9.30 Coffee & mingle
10.00 Start and welcome to conference by Fredrik Cederstav (RISE) - Agenda for the day. AutoSec project information. Status and next step after project ending March 31st. Presentation of todays’ moderator Ulrik Janusson (Scania Technology Leader Connectivity).
10.10: Introduction of the research center Digital Futures – activities, collaborations with industry and way forward. (Prof. James Gross)
10.20: Scania and cyber security – how we cooperate with the science community, where we stand now and challenges ahead. (Niklas Wiberg)
Project presentations. These will be 15 min + 5 min questions:

10.30: Presentation by Nicolaos Kakouros, KTH about the Threatmove project.
10.50: Report from VALU3S presented by Behrooz Sangchoolie (RISE).
11.10: Short break

11.20: Presentation of the C3P-projekt: Katarina Boustedt (AstaZero), Hans Byström (Ericsson)
11.40: Project status. Results from the project CyRev:  Christian Sandberg and Peter Wirén (AB Volvo)
12.00. LUNCH
13.00: Mazen Mohamad, (University of Gothenburg) Presents his paper. Identifying security-related requirements in regulatory documents.
13.20: Thomas Rosenstatter (RISE) presents paper:  Systematic Evaluation of Automotive Intrusion Detection Dataset
13.40 COFFEE
14.00: When cars are born and cared for – Vehicle cybersecurity, Manufacturing and Aftermarket. Ana Magazinius (Polestar).
14.20: Panel discussion with both humans and AI -Question to AI: How are you influencing cyber security? Theme: When AI writes code-what happens?
14.40: Coming and past Events and conferences relevant for this group presented by Tomas Olovsson, Chalmers.
14.50: Wrap-up: Sum of findings for the day. Ulrik Janusson.
15.00: Conference END
15.15: Continued mingle for those who wish.
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