SARGASSO Innovation Day 2021
 07/12/2021 09:00
SARGASSO Innovation Day 2021
7th of December (09:00 CET)
18405 mikael lind18406 anna michaelson
18407 Robin Teigland

Each year we focus on Innovation and its management, to develop solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow, both for and from the maritime domain.


Robin Teigland, An Ocean of Opportunity: Innovating a Blue Cirkular Economy, Chalmers

Anna Michaelson, Innovation Management & Certification, RISE

Mikael Lind, Maritime Informatics as Driver for Innovation, RISE/Chalmers

Make a note in your calendar for Tuesday 7th December at 9:00-11:30 CET.


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07/12/2021 09:00

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