Webinar: Hydrogen application in the maritime industry
 28/10/2021 16:30

Webinar: Hydrogen application in the maritime industry

We are happy to invite you all,  to the first webinar in our knowledge series regarding hydrogen in the maritime industry. 

This event will also mark the start of our industry network on the same topic the aims for creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and capacity building concerning the deployment of hydrogen. 

As a kick-start, for the beginning of the series, we can announce, it will be held by Ricky Elder at Zero Emission Industries. 
Just earlier this year,  their company launched the fuel cell-powered passenger ferry Sea Change in San Francisco. The vessel represents the world’s First Commercial ship powered 100% by Hydrogen Fuel Cells. 

During the webinar, we will get the opportunity to listen to the story behind the project, from the early planning stages to the current state of operation. 

Take the opportunity to join in and take part in “lessons learned” from their journey and ask your questions.

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28/10/2021 16:30

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