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Approaching the ISO 56002 Innovation Management standard
In 2019 the new standard on Innovation Management was published by ISO, 56002. 
ISO 56002 offers a comprehensive framework and principles of successful innovation management.
Since its publication, the ISO 56000 family of standards has been complemented by part standards on: Innovation Partnerships, Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Management Assessments. As it stands the standard has no certification, yet. 
ut with the ISO 56001 – Requirement’s standard under development we are sure to see this standard becoming the norm for organizations that are serious about their innovation capabilities.

SARGASSO now offers a primer on the ISO 56000 family of standards to create awareness and prepare you for a pole position once you are able to certify your organization or just to use the provided insights to sharpen your capabilities.

  • Innovation Management in general
  • ISO 56002, relevance to your organization
  • ISO 56003, how to innovate with others
  • ISO 56004, how to assess your current abilities and spot weaknesses
  • ISO 56005, how to protect your developed assets.

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Peter Sjögren (Ph.D. Innovation and Design) Senior Researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden will take you through the basics and point you in the direction of more insights.

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