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Application Center for Additive Manufacturing 
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New technologies and competences at the Application Center for Additive Manufacturing
2023 offers several new additive and post- additive manufacturing technologies and competences in the AM Center. We have scaled up the operational work when it comes to the directed energy deposition (DED), hot-isostatic-press (HIP), the metal binder jetting (MBJ), and Hirtisation ® (H3000).
      With respect to the DED, the focus has been to understand the link between pre-processor and printing as well as using the strength of a 5-axis setup to manufacture complex parts made from Ti-6Al-4V and 316L. To further improve the properties of the as-produced parts, the HIP is up and running, which feels great as we are rapidly connecting different parts of the eco-system together. We have already run some trials on In718, 316L, H13 and Ti64. On the MBJ-system the focus has been on understanding all the details around each and single process step, starting from design to the sintering process for the 316L material. It is always a pleasure to find different way to automatically remove support structures for parts printed via the PBF-LB process. The H3000 system has been a good way to elaborate around this delicate matter to remove metallic support structures automatically time after time with high reproducibility.
      In addition, the collaboration with the project CAM2 is now also up and running, where AM Center focused on post-AM and MBJ through a post-doc position as well as Master thesis work. The 3D-Action project funded by Tillväxtverket and Västra Götalandsregionen (REACT-EU) goes in its final year. We will now focus on working hands-on with small and medium-sized enterprises as we are rolling out activities and projects together. Don’t miss our seminar Sustainability through additive manufacturing (see below).
      Moreover, I look forward to on-boarding some new partners in the AM Center during 2023, to further strengthen the AM community and its eco-system.

/ Seyed B Hosseini, Director of the Application Center for Additive Manufacturing
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Feasibility studies towards sustainable manufacturing
The projects SINDRI, OCEAN-LSAM and SPARSAM all have the same focus - sustainable manufacturing, and circular economy, and they want to use additive manufacturing as the enabler. But they are tackling the challenges by applying completely different strategies. Take part of a webinar held for the AM Center’s partners where the projects were presented in-depth. The projects are funded by Vinnova, Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, through the Strategic Innovation Program Produktion 2030.
Sustainability through additive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing is one of the new resource-efficient manufacturing methods that is needed to make the future industry more sustainable. But what does that mean and how can 3D printing contribute to increased sustainability in practice? Welcome to 3D-Action's seminar to find out more about it. (The event will be held in Swedish)

When: April 25, 2023
Where: Borås, Sweden or digitally
Cost: Free of charge
More information and registration
MBJ – a technology for mass production of AM in metal
Metal binder jetting, MBJ, is one of the growing additive manufacturing technologies that enables manufacturing of metallic components with high complexity and good surface quality. The AM Center offers services and access to the DM P2500 from Digital Metal.
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Ericsson looking to move from research to production
At Ericsson, additive manufacturing has primarily been a research and pre-development area. But things are about to change and sustainability is on of the driving forces.
– We want to increase the pace of development in the AM area. The partnership increases awareness, understanding of the area, and knowledge internally, said Mikael Wahlén, Project Manager in Hardware Research at Ericsson when joining the AM Center.
Hirtisation – post-treatment of 3D-printed components
Hirtisation is a fully automated three step process, used to improve the surface quality and to automatically remove support structures after printing. The AM Center offers hirtisation with H3000 from RENA Technologies, based on a combination of electrochemical pulse methods and hydrodynamic flow and capable of processing materials such as Fe-based materials, Al-, Ti-, Ni-alloys.
Exclusive event for partner companies only
Welcome to our first conference exclusively for partner companies in the AM Center. Here we will exchange experiences and knowledge in additive manufacturing as well as create future projects and joint activities.

When: May 10-11, 2023
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden

More information and registration
DED - enabling remanufacturing
Directed Energy Deposition (DED) is an additive manufacturing process in which focused thermal energy is used to fuse powder or wire feedstock materials by melting as they are being deposited. The focused heat source used by this process is commonly a laser beam (LB), electron beam (EB), or arc plasma energy sources. The AM Center offers DED-LB with powder using a Modulo 400 from AddUp.
Launch of Pilot Line Production Services
Twenty European partners have cooperated since 2018 in the Horizon 2020 funded MANUELA project to develop comprehensive metal additive manufacturing pilot line services. The goal was to create an optimal solution from cost, agility, and sustainability perspective. Now the competence and know-how from the project is made accessible for the European industry by Chalmers University of Technology, CSEM, CIM 4.0, Hexagon, Neue Material Fürth GmbH, and RISE via Application Center for Additive Manufacturing. Depending on the service requested the partners will collaborate or work stand-alone to ensure the best quality and cost.
MANUELA Final Conference: Sharing of success stories
On February 9, 2023, the 20 partners in the MANUELA project gathered in Gothenburg for a final conference. The industry, and society were invited to take part in the results from the 4-year project and the launch of Pilot Line Production Services developed by the MANUELA project.
Upcoming events and conferences within AM
April 17-21: Hannover Messe, Hannover
April 25: Sustainability through additive manufacturing, Borås/digitally (in Swedish)
May 2-4: RAPID + TCT 2023 – The Next Level on Additive Manufacturing, Chicago, USA
May 9-11: Rapid.Tech 3D
June 7-8: TCT 3Sixty, Birgminham
July 4-5: Additive Manufacturing Forum, Berlin
September 3-7: FEMS EUROMAT 2023, Frankfurt
September: 27-29: Alloys for Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2023, Madrid
October 1-4: Euro PM2023, Lisbon
October 11-12: 3D Print, Paris
October 17-18: European Military Additive Manufacturing Symposium, Bonn
November 7-10: Formnext, Frankfurt, Germany

For partners in the AM Center only
May 10-11: AM Center's Partner Conference 2023, Gothenburg

Please contact us for more information

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