Material and Energy valorisation of waste in a Circular Economy
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Swedish Waste Incineration Tax Abolished
The Swedish Parliament has taken two steps backwards and abolished the waste incineration tax introduced in April 2020.

Recent changes in the European electricity market have made the Swedish Parliament abolish the waste incineration tax introduced two and a half years ago.
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Review of WtE Policies in South Africa & International Comparisons 

Don’t miss our last report about the drivers and barriers in the implementation of WtE policy in different countries.
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Map of 2021 and 2022 partners of the NREL Waste to Energy Technical Assistance Program
Enabling Place-based Waste Management Solutions in the United States

17 communities selected will explore new solutions to solve their waste management problems.
The United States Department of Energy is continuing efforts to support community-centered projects to manage organic waste and recover valuable nutrients and energy from these streams. The Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office selected a second cohort of communities in 2022. 

Picture: Map of 2021 and 2022 partners of the NREL Waste to Energy Technical Assistance Program
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Decarbonization of the Waste Sector - Global Experiences

TASK 36 shares global experiences and lessons learnt on decarbonisation of the waste sector in South Africa at a workshop on “Decarbonisation of the waste sector: Global experience” in November, 2022.
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Chemical Recycling of Plastics through Pyrolysis

Don’t miss the key findings on chemical recycling technologies from the Decarbonization of the Waste Sector workshop organized by
Task 36 last November in South Africa.

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Full-scale CCS in Norway: timeline and financing

Let’s have a look at the timeline and financing for Longship, Norway’s full-scale CCS project.

Longship, Norway's full-scale CCS project, is including WtE CCS at the Hafslund Oslo Celsio (formerly Fortum Oslo Varme) Klemetsrud plant in Oslo. Let us have a look at key events from these last years as well as the future and key financing figures.

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