Verification and Validation of Automated Systems’ Safety and Security
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After a fruitful second year review meeting, the VALU3S project continues its journey in its final year!

The VALU3S project had its second-year review meeting at the end of June. During this two-day meeting which was held at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the activities conducted, and the results obtained within the 2nd year of the project were presented and evaluated. Sixty-four of the partners contributing to the project were present at the meeting presenting their results through demonstration of their tools developed and enhanced during the course of the project. Similar to the project’s first review meeting, the consortium has received a set of constructive feedback from the expert reviewers and the project officer. Addressing these valuable feedbacks will contribute to a successful implementation of the project within its final sprint.

Within the final year of the project, the main activity of the project partners will be dedicated to finalization of the developments and enhancement of V&V tools as well as their application on the project use cases. Combined, these will then contribute to the build-up as well as evaluation of a set of demonstrators that are planned to be showcased at the end of the project in a public event. In addition to this, within this year, the web-based repository that has been built to store elements of verification and validation (V&V) processes will be released for public use.

I would like to pass my gratitude to all of you readers of this newsletter for following the project and its activities. Stay tuned for more project-related news, results, and updates, especially within this final year of the project when some key results will become publicly available. Also special thanks to all the project partners for their active contributions to the project.

Behrooz Sangchoolie
Researcher in the Department of Electrification and Reliability
at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
VALU3S Workshops and Trainings
WCPS Segment @ HiPEAC 2023

VALU3S is contributing to the organization of the CPS Segment series collocated with HiPEAC 2023. The segment, which aims at cross-disciplinary bridging for large-scale safety-critical systems, is composed by three workshops:
  • ENHANCE - System Engineering and Dependability in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • FORECAST - Functional Properties and Dependability in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • STEADINESS - System Engineering and Dependability in Cyber-Physical Systems.
VALU3S has already contributed to the organization in the 2022 edition of these workshops by leading the communication activities, and also by officially being one of the projects sponsoring the STEADINESS workshop. The project is very happy to communicate that it will maintain its role in the 2023 edition.
Training sessions

VALU3S continues to organize new training sessions focused on relevant aspects of standardization for the project. The next session, which will be on the 12th of October 2022, will be focused on the ISO 25119 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Safety-related parts of control systems.

As usual, the training session will be recorded and made available in our YouTube channel and in the project's website, so stay tuned if you want to watch this session.
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New publications from VALU3S

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New deliverables from VALU3S
Today we want to present 4 new deliverables from the VALU3S project.

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Promotion and communication
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Watch the Video report from the 2nd VALU3S Demonstrator Session!
Within the last General Assembly and Project Consortium Meeting in Gothenburg, the VALU3S 2nd Demonstrators session was held on 30 June 2022.

Each technology provider had the opportunity to show its own tool in action and demonstrate results achieved so far in the project. In parallel, use-case owners reported which activities has been carried out in each pilot and which improvements have been achieved so far.

At this link, a video report of the Demonstrator Session is available. We selected the following keywords to represent the event:
  • DISCUSS: the session has been first a good occasion to have fruitful discussions about project results and to make intense knowledge sharing;
  • PARTICIPATE: not only be present there, but being actively part of the event was a key factor for the success of the event;
  • SHOWCASE: within VALU3S, several outstanding tools and applications have been developed, indeed it was right to make partners showcasing result of the work;
  • DEMONSTRATE:  how the project solves end-user needs, this was definitely our mission;
  • COLLABORATE: most of results come from joint activities of several partners, and this is always a plus
  • TOGETHER: the organization and execution of the event would have not been possible without the contribution of every partners.
A 3rd Demonstrator Session is now planned for the next General Assembly. Besides tools, also the VALU3S repository will be finally showcased. Stay tuned!

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VALU3S Project at EFECS2022
After participating to 2020 and 2021 editions, the VALU3S consortium is proud to announce that the project will be represented at EFECS2022!

EFECS is the European Forum of Electronic Systems and Components to Create Impact by Collaborative Innovation along the Electronic Components and Systems value chain in Europe. The organisers of this event, AENEAS, EPoSS, Inside Industry Association have joined forces to bring all stakeholders together, where we will learn, discover and shape the digital future together. Many speakers will talk about present and future of electronic industry, focusing on current technological, societal and environmental challenges.

The event will be held physically in Amsterdam on 24-25 November 2022, after two full remote editions due to pandemic restrictions.
VALU3S project will have its own booth, in which visitors will find useful materials about projects objectives and results, and they will have the possibility to discuss with project representatives and create new collaboration opportunities.

For more information about the event, the full programme and the registration procedure, please visit the website:

And don’t forget to come visiting our booth, we are waiting for you!

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