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Two days of inspiration;
December 13: 40th anniversary of the FEX paper pilot  
December 14: What's on at RISE and KTH?
What happened in the fall of 1982? Well, the unique paper pilot FEX was built and inaugurated in Stockholm. An important milestone which has generated many groundbreaking and revolutionary results through collaborative research, development and innovation and thus very much responsible for the continuous progress of our pulp and paper industry.  
Over the years collaboration with KTH has played a vital role for the success of FEX. The day after the Jubilee, we will give you an insight in ongoing fibre related research at RISE and KTH with a focus on both products and processes.  
Welcome to participate in both or one of the following days;  
December 13, 2022 14.30-20.00 we want to celebrate this with you during an afternoon and evening where we’ll walk along the memory lane together and give you some snapshots from the past 40 years as well as a peek into the future of FEX.  The afternoon ends with a mingling dinner.  
December 14, 2022 9.00-13.30 you can join us at a “What’´s on” seminar where we will present recent fibre related research relevant to the Forest Industry carried out at RISE and KTH. You will also be able to give feedback as to how relevant the presented work might be for your companies. The seminar ends with a networking buffet lunch. 
Note that we cannot host more than max 90 people, therefore we suggest you secure your attendance by signing up now
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