Verification and Validation of Automated Systems’ Safety and Security
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From all of us to all of you
- A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
This year is also approaching its end, which will mark the end of the 20th project month leaving us with less than half of the project to be executed. In this year, 28 project deliverables were prepared, finalized, and submitted and most importantly, the project results and activities were evaluated for the first time in connection with the first-year project review meeting that was held in July.

During this year also, the hope has been to be able to organize project consortium meetings in real life (IRL), something that has not yet happened as the priority has also always been the health and well-being of the project partners as well as the braking of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. Despite having to deal with the global pandemic, we managed to reach the project objectives set for the project milestones in 2021. With the hope for the virus to be under control in 2022, we hope to be able to organize IRL consortium meetings next year.

The main project focus within the coming months will be on implementation of technologies (methods and tools) that contribute to addressing the project objectives. We plan on making a first round of tool demonstrations internally as well as to external organizations and update the community about the progress made on that line. We plan to also continue our active involvement in dissemination and communication of the project results through keeping our social media channels up-to-date, participations in conferences, workshops, and fairs that result in publication of a set of scientific articles as well as organization of multiple training sessions, such as those targeting standards relevant to the project. Another focus of the project in 2022 will be on the build-up and finalization of the project demonstrators that are planned to be evaluated and demonstrated by the end of the project.

At last, I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards the project partners for all the effort spent to this point in the project. Also, special thanks to you, readers of this newsletter, for showing interest in the project and following-up on its activities and results. Stay tuned for more project-related news, results, and updates and hope that you find this newsletter informative and useful. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Behrooz Sangchoolie
Coordinator of the VALU3S project and researcher in the Department of Electrification and Reliability at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
VALU3S Blog article
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Formally Verifying Autonomous Systems
Dr Matt Luckcuck and Dr Marie Farrell discuss how robust Formal Methods can help to verify autonomous systems.

Autonomous and automated systems present a variety of challenges for robust verification and validation. Autonomous systems make choices without human intervention; they are often embodied in robotic systems, which mean that they can interact with the real world. Autonomous systems are being introduced into safety-critical scenarios, where their safety must be assured and, often, demonstrated to a regulator.
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VALU3S Workshops - Autumn 2021
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VALU3S Traning sessions, 2021

One of the objective of the VALU3S project is to revisit and identify the weaknesses of relevant safety and security standards and develop a concrete strategy to influence the development of new standards. Standardisation is therefore central to the project and thus several efforts are being made by the partners, including the organization of a series of internal training sessions focused on standards that are relevant for the topics of the project.
One training session was held on the on the 16th of December 2021 and addressed two standards.
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VALU3S Project vocabulary

The systems and software engineering disciplines, techniques, and processes have vastly advanced during past decades. The progress is so rapid that terminology is updated in different domains simultaneously, which allows more definitions representing the same thing or unambiguous definitions leading to misunderstanding and faults in designs.

This document was prepared to collect terms used specifically in the context of the VALU3S project and to unify or narrow down their definitions.
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New publications from VALU3S

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Promotion and communication
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VALU3S project represented at EFECS2021

EFECS2021, the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems, has been successfully held on 23rd-25th November 2021. Many relevant representatives of Industry and Academia, as well as of Institutions, have taken part to the event speaking about the hottest trend topics, such as the role of Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) in digital technologies and societal challenges.

VALU3S Consortium, after the good experience of the last edition, took part also to the EFECS2021 by arranging again a virtual booth within which visitors could find materials, videos and other resources about the project, as well as even chat with the project representatives. 
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Cardio ID
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VALU3S Welcomes Cardio-ID to the Consortium

We are happy to announce that CardioID ( is now part of the VALU3S consortium. CardioID is a spin-off of Instituto de Telecomunicações and Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon), born out of research on pattern recognition and machine learning methods applied to the study of biological signals (biosignals), especially the electrocardiogram (ECG).

CardioID's activities within the scope of the VALU3S project will be center around a use case that focuses on CardioWheel, the company's offering for the automotive vertical - a steering wheel cover that acquires, in a non-intrusive way, the ECG of the driver, and triggers alerts of driver-change and drowsiness.

Welcome onboard!
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Upcoming internal events

January 20
Standardisation Training Session on 
  • ISO 26262 Road vehicles — Functional safety 
  • ISO/PAS 21448 Road vehicles — Safety of the intended functionality

February 22-24
VALU3S Project´s 6th Consortium meeting and General assembly
Upcoming external events

January 18-19
ECS Brokerage Event 2022

February 13-18
19th European Radar Conference (EuRAD 2022)

March 14-15
Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference
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