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Newsletter 1 from FIRE21
Welcome to the very first newsletter from research project FIRE21.

FIRE21 is a four-year research project about problem-solving networks within the Fire and Rescue Services in the Nordic countries with focus on Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The project is a collaboration between Lund University and RISE in Sweden, DTU Technical University of Denmark, NTNU Political Science, NTNU Social Research and RISE Fire Research in Norway.

Read more on FIRE21 project web site.
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Problem solving in the Fire and Rescue Services
The goal of the project FIRE21 is to understand and improve problem solving in the Fire and Rescue services in the 21st century, including improving our understanding of recognizing and preparing for emerging risks. In other words, the objective of the research in FIRE21 is to plan for an effective Fire and Rescue Service in the future.
Professor Margaret McNamee, professor at Lund University
The project leader Margaret Mc Namee is a professor in Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University in Sweden. She says:
“FIRE21 is a truly multi-disciplinary research project that aims to improve problem-solving by the Fire and Rescue Services. The work so far has shown the complexity of problem-solving networks and the diversity of incidents they deal with on a daily basis.

The next phase of the project will delve into case studies to follow emergent and formal networks in conjunction with real events. Be sure to sign up for future newsletters to keep up to date with our work as it progresses!”
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Research in work packages
The research in FIRE21 is organised in five work packages. These are:
  1. Project management
  2. Network-based-decision-making in the FRS
  3. Description of the risk landscape - today and tomorrow
  4. Problem-solving networks of tomorrow
  5. Dissemination

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The research in work package 2 aims to establish an understanding of the problem-solving networks and their capabilities in the Fire and Rescue Services. The work is progressing at full pelt led by Gudveig Gjøsund. 
Read more about WP2
Understanding the risk landscape
The research in work package 3 compares the risk landscape of today with that of the future. What challanges does the Fire and Rescue Service face? Project leader Frank Markert has summarized the research so far.

Read more about WP3
Problem-solving networks of tomorrow
The fourth work package in FIRE21 concerns the problem-solving networks of tomorrow. Tove Frykmer who works in this work package has summarized it.
Read more about WP4

Case study development
The next step in our project will be case study investigations. We will soon start conducting interviews for the research in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Keep an eye on our website and sign up for our newsletter to receive further information about which cases we will investigate in more detail.
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Do you have input to the research?
Contribution to the research is always welcome!
Please get in touch with us if you have any ideas or input.

Points of Contact within the FIRE21 research:

WP1: Project management 

Margaret McNamee, Lund University. 

WP2: Network-based-decision-making in the FRS
Gudveig Gjøsund, NTNU Social research

WP3: Description of the risk landscape - today and tomorrow
Frank Markert, DTU.

WP4: Problem-solving networks of tomorrow
Christian Uhr, Lund University.

WP5: Dissemination
Lotta VylundRISE
FIRE21 Project partners
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