Verification and Validation of Automated Systems’ Safety and Security
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Getting ready for the project’s first Annual Review
The first year of the VALU3S project has ended and we are already two months into the second year of the project. With the Annual Review meeting of the project scheduled for 1st of July, we now look forward to having the activities and results of the project evaluated by the expert reviewers of the project. We believe that, within this year, and despite having to deal with a global pandemic, we managed to reach the project objectives set out for the period. This was made possible, through an active participation and contribution of the project partners as well as the many online meetings that replaced the initially planned face-to-face meetings.

In the first year of the project, we summarized the results of our activities into 34 project deliverables that are all submitted and are now going through reviews by the expert reviewers. We have also successfully achieved the objectives set for the four project milestones that were set within this year. These milestones mainly focused on: definition of use cases, evaluation scenarios, requirements and test cases that form the basis against which the systems developed in VALU3S will be verified and validated; creation of a web-based repository for storing elements of V&V (verification and validation) processes; identification and detailing of a comprehensive set of V&V methods and potential plans to improve their cost and time; design of a dedicated description language for V&V workflows; and definition of project V&V criteria that are the basis of evaluations and tests that are planned to be conducted later on in the project. Moreover, we published more than 24 scientific journal as well as conference articles, organized two training sessions, and published a comprehensive set of videos presenting and detailing the V&V methods, tools as well as use cases developed within the project.

The second year of the project will, to a great extent, be dedicated to implementation of technologies (methods and tools) that contribute to addressing the project objectives. Implementation of these technologies have in fact already started and I encourage you to take a look at the project’s YouTube channel for a set of videos where we present the status of the technologies and elaborate on our future plans. The second year of the project will also be an exciting year where our web-based repository that has been built to store elements of V&V processes will be populated with additional vital components needed to conduct a V&V activity. The repository is planned to be publicly available in the last year of the project.

I would like to once again thank all the project partners for their active contributions to the project. Also, special thanks to you, readers of this newsletter, for showing interest in the project and following-up on its activities and results. Stay tuned for additional project-related news, results, and updates and hope that you find this newsletter informative and useful.

Behrooz Sangchoolie
Researcher in the Department of Electrification and Reliability at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Blog articles
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Blog article, June 2021

Cyber-Physical Systems – Addressing Safety and Security Aspects in the Presence of Runtime Monitors
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are systems with tight integration of computation, communication, and physical processes. These systems are the basis of many contemporary application domains, including transportation, military, health care, and robotics . A significant number of CPS are also considered safety-critical systems, indicating that failures in such systems could cause loss of lives, property damage, or catastrophic environmental accidents .
Guaranteeing that such complex systems do not fail is a challenging task that goes hand to hand with safety standards.
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Blog article, June 2021

Verification and validation methods for industrial robots
The use of industrial robots in the industry reached to 2.7 million in 2020 according to the world robotics industrial robots report [1]. This number is expected to rise due to fact that robots become indispensable elements of smart production with the fourth industrial revolution.  The requirement of a faster and more efficient production process emerges the usage of more robots in factories in various fields such as automotive, electronic, food, etc. Industrial robots are involved in tasks such as assembly, painting, welding, quality control etc. They have showed their success for performing iterative jobs with higher performance. In this new era, moving from automation to autonomy will also bring new opportunities for industrial robots.
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New publications from VALU3S

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Promotion and communication
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VALU3S video teaser is OUT!
VALU3S is a 3-years collaborative project funded by ECSEL JU under Horizon 2020 Work Programme. The project, started on May 2020, will last until April 2023 with a consortium composed by more than 40 partners coming from 10 different European countries.
Nowadays, automation is heavily deployed in several applications which require high safety standards, however the spotlight is always focused on functionality. Furthermore, high complexity of automated systems make verification and validation time-consuming and costly.
For these reasons, VALU3S project aims to design, implement and evaluate forefront methods and tools that will reduce time and cost for verification and validation while increasing safety and security performances of automated systems.
VALU3S will demonstrate and validate the proposed framework within 13 realistic pilots in different fields: automotive, railways, aerospace, agriculture, health and industrial robotics.

VALU3S first training session on V&V methods
Watch the new VALU3S training sessions on V&V methods!

The VALU3S project has conducted the first training session on V&V methods. The training has been divided into separate modules that can all be watched below.

Stay tuned as more video tutorials focusing on V&V methods and tools that are addressed in VALU3S will be released soon.
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Virtual Architecture Development and Simulated Evaluation of Software Concepts with FERAL
Presentation entitled “Virtual Architecture Development and Simulated Evaluation of Software Concepts with FERAL” by Thomas Bauer from FRAUNHOFER, in the scope of the second part of VALU3S 1st training session that took place online on the 22nd of March 2021.

1x1 16842 Model inplemented fault injection tool
Model-implemented fault and attack injection
Presentation entitled “Model-implemented fault and attack injection” by Peter Folkesson from RISE, in the scope of the second part of VALU3S 1st training session that took place online on the 22nd of March 2021.

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Model Based Failure Logic Analysis
Presentation entitled “Model Based Failure Logic Analysis” by Silvia Mazzini from INTECS, in the scope of the second part of VALU3S 1st training session that took place online on the 22nd of March 2021.

1x1 16844 Formalising Verifiable Requirements
Formalising Verifiable Requirements
Presentation entitled “Formalising Verifiable Requirements” by Marie Farrell from NUIM, in the scope of the second part of VALU3S 1st training session that took place online on the 22nd of March 2021.

1x1 16845 Simulating Traffic Scenarios using CARLA
Simulating Traffic Scenarios using CARLA
Presentation entitled “Simulating Traffic Scenarios using CARLA” by INFOTIV, in the scope of the first part of VALU3S 1st training session that took place online on the 22nd of March 2021.

1x1 16846 Model Based Assurance and Certification
Model-Based Assurance and Certification
Presentation entitled “Model-Based Assurance and Certification” by Jose Luis la Vara from UCLM, in the scope of the second part of VALU3S 1st training session that took place online on the 22nd of March 2021.

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