Verification and Validation of Automated Systems’ Safety and Security
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From All of Us to All of You - A Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
Now that 2020 is coming to an end, it is time to reflect on this year and thank all the project partners for their great contributions to the project. During this year, and despite having to deal with a global pandemic, we managed to reach the project objectives set for this period. This was made possible, through an active participation and contributions of the project partners as well as the many online meetings that replaced the initially planned face-to-face meetings. So far, 14 of the project deliverables have been submitted and another 5 will be submitted before the end of the year. We have also had an active involvement in dissemination and communication of the project results through participations in conferences, workshops, fairs that resulted in publication of a set of scientific articles as well as our membership in initiatives such as the Mobility.E Lighthouse.

In 2020, we have put a great amount of focus on definition of project use cases as well as the requirements in which these use cases are planned to be evaluated upon. The effort combined with an initial definition of project verification and validation (V&V) criteria are the basis of evaluations and tests that are planned to be conducted later on in the project. The evaluations are tightly connected with the V&V methods that have already been identified and detailed by the project partners. The effort spent so far has also resulted in the finalization of a multi-dimensional V&V framework, which creates a structure around the components that are required to conduct V&V processes.

The coming year will be an exciting year where we dive deep into solving different technical challenges connected to the V&V of automated systems. It is a year where our web-based repository starts to host the different vital components needed to conduct a V&V activity. Moreover, it is a year where lots of focus is planned to be put on design and implementation of state-of-the-art V&V methods and tools that facilitate the reduction of time and cost of V&V processes. This is also a year where we continue our active contribution to the dissemination and communication of the project and its results, while investing more time on the exploitation of the project result as well as influencing the development of different standards through active participation in different standardisation initiatives and working groups.

Most importantly, with the start of vaccinations against the COVID-19 pandemic, year 2021 would hopefully be the year where the project partners meet in person for exchange of insights and knowledge in one of our consortium meetings. Until then, we wish you and your families good health. Many thanks again for your great work in 2020 and looking forward to having fruitful discussions in 2021.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Behrooz Sangchoolie
Researcher in the Department of Electrification and Reliability at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
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Blog article, December 2020

Lower costs for verification and validation of automated systems and a safer everyday life for the end user
Highly automated systems are being increasingly used in our day-to-day life. A great number of these system are also safety-critical, meaning that failures in them could result in loss of lives or damage to the environment. Examples of these systems are cars, airplanes, and health monitoring systems. Is it possible to anticipate possible errors and eliminate them to the extent that we could launch these systems into our everyday lives? The answer is -Yes! RISE is the coordinator of the VALU3S project where state-of-the-art methods and tools are used to verify and validate the safety and security of automated systems.
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VALU3S project is now part of Mobility
We are pleased to announce that VALU3S project is now part of Mobility.E Lighthouse, a collaboration and networking platform of excellent projects to keep the European industry ahead of the global competition. It assists in the uptake of future relevant technologies for electric, connected, automated driving (ECAD) and mobility solutions that address societal challenges.

 VALU3S project aims to provide Verification & Validation tools for increasing the safety and security of automated systems in several domains, including Automotive and Mobility ones. These solutions will be indeed tested and validated in real-life use-cases cooperating with relevant industrial players.
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VALU3S project represented at EFECS2020
EFECS2020, the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems, has been successfully held on 25th-26th November 2020. Many relevant representatives  of Industry and Academia, as well as of Institutions, have taken part to the event speaking about the hottest trend topics, such as the role of Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) in digital technologies and societal challenges, with a special focus on COVID-19 crisis and the issues (but also opportunities) arisen from it.

VALU3S Consortium also took part to the event with a crew of six representatives coming from different partners. Despite the remote modalities of the event due to current restrictions, the Virtual Fair environment arranged for the event has been an appreciated and smart solution to reproduce the live events we were used up to 2019. We’ve arranged a nice Virtual Booth, with materials and documents ready for the visitors; furthermore, we had chats and even phone calls with visitors when they needed additional information.

stakeholders and relevant players. We strongly hope to see you face-to-face at EFECS2021 and show the first results of VALU3S!!
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