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AI according to RISE
Welcome to the sixth issue of  AI News by RISE. At RISE, we see Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an area of innovation that can improve the conditions of life on earth and contribute to a more sustainable society.

In this issue you can learn more about some of the research projcts we are working on right now in the fields of NLP, automation and circular economy. Enjoy!
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AI challenging for producer of conflict data
On Uppsala’s Old Town Square, along the banks of Fyris river, stands the University of Uppsala’s Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution. The institute oversees the Uppsala Conflict Data Programme (UCDP), the leading producer of conflict data in the world, and the data is the most widely used concerning armed conflict and its consequences. Together with RISE, UCDP investigates the possibility to automate its business using artificial intelligence.
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AI sets the price in second hand stores
In a new project researchers will train machine learning models to predict the value of used product. This can help the second hand market to set fair price for the products they are selling.
AI Summit
RISE at AI Summit 
AI Summit was held in November and key people from industries, institutions and politics attended the seminar. One of the speakers was Jeanette Nilsson from RISE.

- I presented what RISE do in the field of AI and how we can help companies. It was a good meeting with a high level of engagement. Many companies also wanted to gain access to experts, test beds and networks, says Jeanette Nilsson
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Transparent algorithms in insurance
Decisions taken by machines can increase productivity and competitiveness as well as compensate for flaws in human decision-making. However, they also bring about some new and challenging problems. Creating more transparent algorithms is not only an interesting research area, but also a necessity to take full advantage of digitization.
Disruptive trends for global sustainability goals
In order to achieve the 17 global sustainable development goals, we need to make major changes in how we normally do things.

The SDG TrendScanner – and the soon-to-be-launched Climate Solution TrendScanner – utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to identify disruptive trends which have the potential to facilitate or undermine a sustainable future. 
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Language models for Swedish authorities
This project develops large-scale language models for the Swedish public sector, and applies them in a number of NLP applications that are relevant to Swedish authorities.
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8104 world
Congratulations to our friends at Logical Clocks who recently won the Data Science Innovation of the Year with the Hopsworks platform!
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MIT uses shadows to help autonomous vehicles see around corners
We’re still not at the point where autonomous vehicle systems are better than human drivers in all scenarios. However, MIT researchers have created a system that uses minute changes in shadows to predict whether or not a vehicle can expect a moving object to come around a corner.
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Neural network reconstructs human thoughts from brain waves in real time
Researchers from Russia have found a way to visualize a person's brain activity as actual images mimicking what they observe in real time. This will enable new post-stroke rehabilitation devices controlled by brain signals.
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Scientists discovered racial bias in a widely used medical algorithm 
A widely used algorithm that predicts which patients will benefit from extra medical care dramatically underestimates the health needs of the sickest black patients, amplifying long-standing racial disparities in medicine, researchers have found.
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AI allows paralyzed person to ‘handwrite’ with his mind
By harnessing the power of imagination, researchers have nearly doubled the speed at which completely paralyzed patients may be able to communicate with the outside world.
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