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The shortcut at the service of mankind
Welcome to the fifth issue of AI News by RISE. At RISE, we see Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an area of innovation that can improve the conditions of life on earth and contribute to a more sustainable society. With the help of AI vast amounts of data can be processed and interpreted to show insightful patterns and deliver trustworthy answers, so that today’s problem solvers can save critical time and develop the solutions needed.
In this issue you can read more about our research projects in built environment, linguistis and our behaviours while driving. Enjoy!
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Using AI to find hazardous materials in buildning
In an earlier issue of AI News we wrote about the project "machine learning to predict building-stock parameters". This project has now continued into the new project: "Prediction of hazardous material in building using AI".

In the former project AI was used in order to see pattern from a big amount of building specific data, such as type of facade, balconies, roof, energy use, years of construction and number of stairwells. This data were gathered in a database and machine learning algorithms were applied on the data sets. The result was used to provide authorities with building specific information to formulate the national renovation strategy.

The purpose of the new project is to develop methods for predicting presence of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, PCB, lead, radon, in buildings. Machine learning will be used to analyze building specific data and interpret patterns in the Swedish building stock. The predicted results will give better knowledge on the technical status of buildings and presence of hazardous materials which helps the building owner to make more accurate cost estimates for renovation in the building stock.
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Well attended RISE talks at successful data event 
Last week, in Helsinki, RISE participated in the event European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF). It is the main event of the European Big Data and Data-Driven AI research and innovation community.

The sucess of previous editions was continued. Industry professionals, business developers, researchers, and policymakers of different countries attended the event. The organiser committee of this event included, in addition to BDVA, the EC and VTT, multiple Finnish industrial, Innovation and Research players as well as international companies and other research institutions.

RISE was one of the sponsors and presented three well attended talks about AI.

– The event was the perfect place to showcase our work on Hops, streaming data and the future of real-time analytics. We had many organisation wanting to continue the discussions for future cooperation in this area, said Prof. Seif Haridi

– It was a very good event for us. We had many interesting conversations and were able to create contacts for future cooperation around AI projects, said Björn Hovstadius

Increasing Sweden's ability in linguistic AI
A new project by Magnus Sahlgren will develop large-scale language models for the Swedish public sector. These will be used in language technology applications, for example question-answer systems, text categorization and chat bots. The project will help to increase Sweden's ability and competence in linguistic AI.
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Gender bias in pretrained swedish embeddings
Magnus Sahlgren and Fredrik Olsson at RISE recently wrote a paper showing that pretrained Swedish embeddings exhibit gender bias to varying extent. This can have serious consequences if it is used in, for example, the public sector.

Detecting drivers intention
In the automotive industry, there is a considerable interest in developing services based on detecting driver intentions. Inten-tion recognition is an area in AI that requires the ability to reason about observed agent behavior. RISE is involved in a project for developing statistical and logical reasoning frameworks for intention recognition.
Read more about IRRA

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AI and cyber security working together 
Artificial intelligence and cyber security are two technologies that have become increasingly important as our society has become more digitised. But is it possible to combine these technologies, and if so, what are the benefits? Read about what our experts Shahid Raza and Daniel Gillblad says about how artificial intelligence and cybersecurity can benefit from and strengthen one another.

AI - what´s in it for you?
RISE and Tillväxtverket have produced a number of interesting and informativ videos, focusing on artificial intelligens. The video clip can be viewed at the knowledge bank "Dags att digitalisera". Check out this one where Carl Heath talkes about the impact of technology on humans.
Impact of technology     (in swedish)
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November will bring AI theme at RISE. Don´t miss to look for some extra AI focused articles on our web

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Watch Out, AI knows what you’re doing behind that wall!
For better or worse, AI can now figure out what you’re doing even without “seeing” you. The MIT Computer Science & AI Lab (CSAIL) has unveiled a neural network model that can detect human actions through walls or in extremely dark places.
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Artificial intelligence learns to talk back to bigots
Social media platforms like Facebook use a combination of artificial intelligence and human moderators to scout out and eliminate hate speech. But now researchers have developed a new AI tool that wouldn’t just scrub hate speech but would actually craft responses to it. 
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Self-driving car timeline – predictions from the top 11 global automakers
A company by company examination of the top car makers public investment and statements by their top executives makes it clear that most car companies are betting that artificial intelligence utalized in self-driving will be inevitable, and they’re all jumping in with investment and initiatives. 

What do companies like Ford, GM, BMW and others have as their self-driving car timelines?
Read the answer here!

Paralyzed man walks again
A paralyzed man has walked again thanks to a brain-controlled exoskeleton suit. Within the safety of a lab setting, he was also able to control the suit’s arms and hands, using two sensors on his brain.
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