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The shortcut at the service of mankind
At RISE, we see Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an area of innovation that can improve the conditions of life on earth and contribute to a more sustainable society. With the help of AI vast amounts of data can be processed and interpreted to show insightful patterns and deliver trustworthy answers, so that today’s problem solvers can save critical time and develop the solutions needed. The technology can be applied in as far-ranging fields as climate change to cancer care and self-driving cars.

RISE is a unique innovation partner offering an entire eco-system of infrastructure, digital platforms and applications. We take pride in our strong focus on visionary and ethical issues, collaborating cross-industry from the business to public sector. Together, we make AI the highway to a better society.
AI Innovation of Sweden
Daniel Gilllblad will strengthen AI Innovation of Sweden
AI Innovation of Sweden strengthens its management team by recruiting Daniel Gillblad, head of AI research at RISE, as part-time Co-Director - Scientific Vision. RISE will now step forward and take responsibility for the content and strategy.

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The key event ”European Big Data Value Event” will take place in Helsinki October 14-16. RISE will contribute with speakers and topics such as:
  • Björn Hovstadius: National Artificial Intelligence Initiatives
  • Claus Popp Larsen: Smart cities
  • Seif Haridi: Game changers of the future
RISE is also a one of the sponsors and you are welcome to meet us at the events exhibition!

About the event
Based on the experience of EBDVF 2017 and EBDVF 2018 you can expect excellent presentations and lively discussions with high level experts from research institutes, industry, and politics. 600 participants are to be expected at the event.

All information about the event, the venue, and registration can be found here:
AI - what´s in it for you?
RISE and Tillväxtverket have produced a number of interesting and informativ videos, focusing on artificial intelligens. The video clip can be viewed at "Dags att digitalisera" which is a knowledge bank for companies.

Check out this video clip about all the new opportunities that comes with AI:

New opportunities with AI

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Latest news from the AI Agenda
In the last number of AI news you could read about the AI agenda. The work with the agenda is moving forward and the next step is to have follow-up meetings in november.

 - In these meetings we will discuss each others proposal for activities, which then will be presented in the end of the year. We will also develop a digital platform that enables further ways to create engagement and inclusion. I am so impressed by everyones commitment in the agenda. All members share material and experience and the work is based on a bottom-up perspective. Everyone works to strengthen each other and do whats best for Sweden, says Jeanette Nilsson AI ecosystem driver and coordinator at RISE.

You can also see the interresting discussion from last summers seminar in Almedalen here:
AI for next generation cancer treatment
In the project "AI for next generation cancer treatment" RISE and the project partners KI and KTH are developing tools and methodologies to achieve the complex process of collecting information at the phenotype level of tumors. The project open a unique opportunity to identify causal relationships between cancerous cell behavior and associated proteins, to unveil other classes or sub-classes of cancer, and even more importantly to enable more precise identification of exact treatments to target the actual existing problematic proteins.

You can read more about what RISE do in the field of artificial intelligence here:
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AI World monitoring

Fighting fire with AI
By using artificial intelligence and machine algorithms Professor Jae Seung Lee and his students from Hongik University can help fire fighters to predict fires. They identify parts of a city with a high probablility of fire - knowledge that has empowered firefighters to optimize their patrol routes and deployments. 
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AI passing an 8th-grade science test
Four years ago, more than 700 computer scientists competed in a contest to build artificial intelligence that could pass an eighth-grade science test. They all flunked! AI has now improved and can pass more than 80 percent on a 12th-grade exam.
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Can AI nudge us to make better choices?
The behavioral revolution in economics was triggered by a simple, haunting question: what if people don’t act rationally? This same question now vexes the technology field.

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Fraudsters fake CEO’s voice to get money
It’s already getting tough to discern real text from fake, genuine video from deepfake. Now, it appears that use of fake voice tech is on the rise too.
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