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The shortcut at the service of mankind
At RISE, we see Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an area of innovation that can improve the conditions of life on earth and contribute to a more sustainable society. With the help of AI vast amounts of data can be processed and interpreted to show insightful patterns and deliver trustworthy answers, so that today’s problem solvers can save critical time and develop the solutions needed. The technology can be applied in as far-ranging fields as climate change to cancer care and self-driving cars.

RISE is a unique innovation partner offering an entire eco-system of infrastructure, digital platforms and applications. We take pride in our strong focus on visionary and ethical issues, collaborating cross-industry from the business to public sector. Together, we make AI the highway to a better society.
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Development of a national action plan
Global investment in artificial intelligence is gathering pace. Naturally, United States and China are the giants in the field; however, there are many stages of the race in where other countries can take the lead. In Sweden, RISE together with partners from the industry and academia, is leading the development of a national action plan: the AI Agenda. The goal is to coordinate and sharpen Swedish resources with the aim of making AI a factor in the journey towards a sustainable society.
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Join us in Almedalen - live or online
Please join us to discuss a future where digitalisation, AI and automatisation assists humans instead of compete.
You will find us in the RISE garden, Wisby Creative Center, Strandgatan 1 - or online via the links above.
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RISE takes part in a coordinated plan for AI in Europe
As a member of the European organization Big Data Value Association (BDVA), RISE has taken part the creation of a Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment agenda for Europe. The agenda was produced as a response to the Commission Communication on AI published in December 2018 and as a vision how to strengthen AI in Europe. The agenda was co-authored with the European organization euRobotics and reviewed by the AI association CLAIR, making sure all aspects of AI are taken into account.
The agenda was presented to the Director General of DG Connect, Roberto Viola, as a starting point for a new European AI public private partnership in the next framework programs Horizon Europe and Digital Europe.
At RISE we look forward to taking an active role in this future initiative and will keep you updated on how it develops.
The agenda can be downloaded here
Understanding Deep Learning
In recent years, deep learning solutions have shown amazing results within tasks such as image processing and natural language processing. In this blogpost, Olof Mogren explains the background, and the evolution of Deep Learning.
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Putting the innovation agreement between Germany and Sweden to work

Germany and Sweden has a long standing history of cooperation in many areas. This is also true for AI and Big Data. One example is the
joint work between RISE and DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Recent work has resulted in many
significant contributions the open source platform for streaming data, Apache Flink.

The cooperation is now being refined through an update of the partnership between Germany and Sweden that was announced by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in Hannover this year.

To kick-start this innovation agreement, RISE has recently hosted two delegations from Germany. Applied AI from UnternehmerTUM in Munich was here in late May with discussions on how to cooperate on the application of AI in small and medium size companies and mapping AI start-ups. In June DFKI and a German delegation led by Smart Data forum in Berlin visited to see how we can collaborate on next European platform for AI.
All of this is very exciting and we are eager to continue our collaboration.

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AI World monitoring
AI Can Now Detect Deepfakes by Looking for Weird Facial Movements - VICE
Machines can now look for visual inconsistencies to identify AI-generated dupes, a lot like humans do.
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The whisper of schizophrenia: Machine learning finds 'sound' words predict psychosis
A machine-learning method discovered a hidden clue in people's language predictive of the later emergence of psychosis—the frequent use of words associated with sound. A paper published by the journal npj Schizophrenia published the findings by scientists at Emory University and Harvard University.
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Government AI Readiness Index 2019 — Oxford Insights

AI has the power to transform the way that governments around the world deliver public services. In turn, this could greatly improve citizens’ experiences of government. Governments are already implementing AI in their operations and service delivery, to improve efficiency, save time and money, and deliver better quality public services.
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New algorithm allows researchers to change what people say on video by editing transcript
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Samsung perfected its own deepfake AI, and it's equal parts amazing and terrifying
Samsung’s AI lab in Russia published a paper that explains how one can train a neural network to learn facial movements and expressions and then apply the obtained data to stills from images, videos, and even paintings.
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